Letter: Restoring the 
America we love

To the Editor:

The low primary turnout shows that people are apathetic in America.

There are many people who have said to me: “It doesn’t matter. My vote is only one of the many against me.” There are a huge amount of people that see America on the wrong track; however, we must stand up for what is right and what we believe in to change it.

Our country now is on a collision course with an iceberg. We desperately need to change directions. Maybe some of the options are not perfect, but along our new course we may be able to direct ourselves toward someone or some method that will bring us back to what we had before all the liberals started telling us what to do and not asking us to vote on issues. Democracy needs to come back to unification, not division.

Please vote to restore the America we all know and love in November.

Sandra M. Boelke