Coach Sly: Weird week in prep sports

Coach Sly's got to say, this past week was one of the stranger ones of the school year in prep sports, and unfortunately a lot of the excitement was not all about what happened on the field. Let's review:

• A girls soccer game between Burlington Central and Hampshire ended prematurely after Hampshire's coach was red-carded for arguing with the official.The team ended up stalking off at halftime.

Plain and simple, a situation like this is embarrassing and shouldn't happen.

Sly wasn't at the match so he can't say whether the Whips' coach was right to be irate about the officiating, but even if there was cause, the adults involved have to set a better example for the athletes.

As long as a coach has been given ample opportunity to have his/her say, if the coach doesn't eventually cool it, Sly's all for the referee giving a coach the all heave-ho. Gotta draw the line somewhere. Sometimes, it's not just the kids who need to be taught lessons.

• Rosary girls basketball coach Dave Beebe was let go, a decision that drew mixed reactions around the Rosary community.

Sly hopes this wasn't strictly a wins and losses decision, because there's been much more good than bad under Beebe despite a couple rough seasons the past two years. Seems to Sly like Beebe's body of work at Rosary has been pretty solid, so there should have been some leeway there.

Three of the biggest sports at Rosary, soccer, volleyball and now basketball, will have new coaches within a one-year span, replacing coaches who have been there for quite awhile. Good thing ML Kunold is around to keep the Royals' ship on course because that's an awful lot of change.

• As for the actual field of play, well, that was pretty unusual, too.

St. Charles North baseball tied Plainfield Central despite having the Wildcats by the throat multiple times in extra innings, including some three-ball counts with the bases loaded.

Geneva baseball beat Bartlett on a game-winning bunt by its cleanup hitter.

And Rosary soccer gave up a goal, which qualifies as notable because it's the first stinkin' one they've allowed all season.

All in all, an interesting week, even if not all the stories were of the feel-good variety.