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Sound Off: A new downtown park?

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Forget the park I'm calling about the downtown park, somebody called in that the city of St. Charles should have a downtown park. You know what you're going to have? People with beer cans, and who is going to clean that up? I don't see having any more retail stores down there. You know what would be nice, a nice breakfast place in the downtown area that doesn't cost a lot of money for a family of four. A nice restaurant that a family can go to that doesn't cost a lot of money, in this environment, would be wonderful. Forget the park.

Park sounds good I agree with the caller who suggested taking the vacant land along First Street, along the river, and making it into a downtown park. I agree that there is already a lot of vacant retail space. So let's have something that's enjoyable for visitors and residents. Sit along the park and watch the river go by. There aren't a lot of places we can do that.

Go direct the traffic It's Sunday afternoon, June 8. Randall Road is backed up for miles due to the lights flashing red. No cops around to direct traffic, as usual. We sat from Fargo Boulevard, and to get up to the Commons took 15 minutes, and we found a Geneva cop sitting in the Commons. Why aren't they out there directing traffic?

Voting ID would be good Voting is a privilege, not a right. Persons must be of legal age and must be citizens able to read and write English. States, except Illinois, are now trying to have registered voters show an approved ID to vote. These approved IDs can be a drivers license, state-issued ID card, military IDs, or any government-issued ID with a picture. The Democrats and liberals are filing lawsuits stating that seniors, minorities and the poor have [limited] access to these IDs. If there is one voter fraud because of an ineligible voter casting a vote, it is one too many. Democrats and liberals appear to want voter fraud. There are several months before the election, which is more than enough time to find a birth certificate to start the process of getting a government ID, with a picture.

Smoking, but in shape? I'm driving down Randall Road, and there is a gal in a car. She is smoking, and, as we go forward, I notice that she pulls into the exercise at XSport. I'm thinking, hello, what's the point? You are smoking. It seems to me quite ridiculous that someone would be smoking and then go to exercise. It just doesn't make sense. So if you're driving down the street with your hand out, smoking, don't try to get in shape. You've already made your decision.

Nice neighbors, but not here I was just reading an article in the Tribune about a lady who has nice neighbors. She doesn't have any trees in her yard, and they clean up the debris that their trees leave. They make sure there are no hanging limbs on her property. I wish it was like that in Batavia, but we have neighbors who put their ladders and wheelbarrows on the back of their property. They can't see it, but the neighbors can see it.

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