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Sound Off: Show some respect at church

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Show some respect Many churches nowadays have two types of services – a contemporary service and a traditional service. How nice it would be if those who were attending a traditional service dressed in a traditional, respectful church manner. After all, you are going into God's house to worship our Lord and savior. Save your shower shoes, T-shirts and shorts for a picnic, not for worship.

I only care about my tax return I don't care about Romney's tax returns. I only care about my tax return. As my taxes keep going up, my returns are next to nothing.

Thank you, Elderday Thank you to all the staff at Elderday Center in Batavia. We discovered you on the computer, and what a blessing that has been for both my husband and myself. My husband came home from the nursing home and had nothing to do but watch TV. Now, he has full days of exercise, group activities, hot lunch, and then we can sit and relate to the past wars. He has made a vast improvement, all because of Elderday. Thank you so much.

Cleaning up after the storm I wanted to give a kudos to the Batavia street department and electric department. We had the storm a couple of weeks ago, and they did such a great job of getting us back to power so quickly, and seeing the streets and trash shored up. I really appreciated it and wanted to make sure they got a good thank you from the people of Batavia.

Where's that sign? Restaurants have signs like "no smoking," "no guns," "no shoes, no service," but never have I seen a restaurant, especially Chick-fil-A, say "no gays or lesbians."

Get on the ball In the newspaper this past week, "St. Charles seeks input on mall," how many more studies are they going to do? It says that they need new owners for Charlestowne Mall. If they are in California, are they getting any tax credits or incentives, take that away, and maybe they'll do something about the mall. And also, they need more security at the mall. With many stores that have closed and moved out, it's kind of scary walking through there. If somebody hurts you, who is going to hear? What happened to the security at Charlestowne Mall? We just go there for the show. The kids love it. We do no shopping there, since the California company took over. City of St. Charles, get on the ball with that mall.

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