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Into the Storm: Being safe in the rain, preparing for the snow

I would like to talk a little about rain and snow safety. Earlier, I talked about flood safety and avoiding putting yourself in danger. I would like to talk a little more this time about winter safety.

As the photo shows my little angel Jordan loving the rain, what happens when this changes over to snow? The biggest issue we come across in this change of season is driving. As we start to change our habits into winter mode again, please remember to slow down and leave more distance from the vehicles ahead of you. It's always great to have a winter weather survival kit as well in your vehicle in case of being stranded. The basic kit should include, extra batteries for your cell phone, a charger, water, blankets, extra clothes, coats and gloves. More can be found on my website at www.stormchaser1.net. I will also like to add in that my website soon will also have my photos for purchase.

If stranded, run your car just to warm it up about once an hour. Only get out to clear away snow from the exhaust to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

For children, always make sure they are warm and dry while outside. Kids love to play in the snow and often get wet in doing so. But do not let them play within 10 feet of the road. The reason is cars do lose control and drive into yards when sliding. Always be aware of how fast snow is falling and how long to allow them to play outside. Never allow children to walk in the streets if they are snow-covered. It's pretty basic safety for winter tips. As parents, we have lived this many times and know what's best for children. More information is on my website above.

I also would like to talk about ice conditions. With the transition from rain to snow seasons, we often in this area get icy conditions as rain hits freezing grounds and turns water to ice. Not only is driving and walking dangerous when this change happens, but the next danger is power lines. Most of us have lived through ice storms in the area. Power lines come down or trees collapse on power lines, causing power lines to fall. Never go near any power line that has fallen. These lines may still be live and cause serious injury or death. An example: Last week while in New York, we were outside during an incoming storms, and the wind alone two houses away blew a line down on the side of a home and we heard and saw the flashes and the electrical fire smell. The fire department and electric company came quickly, but the damage was done – a lot of damage to the lower level of the home and interior. So the power from these lines is now match for a person. So power lines will be no match for ice. Very little ice is needed to make these fall.

Be safe, be cautious, watch out for children, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and always be aware of weather conditions before wandering out "Into The Storm!"

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