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Letter: The Democratic Party and Obama

Published: Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

The Democratic Party and Obama’s Super PACs are now using the lowest doniminator, children, for their political message.

The use of children started with LBJ showing a child and an atomic bomb exploding. Barry Goldwater used a classroom of children to show the threat of communism/socialism during the same election in 1964.

Now Samuel L. Jackson, representing a Super PAC, is using children, plus the “F bomb” to raise awareness of what could happen if Romney is elected president.

Children love fantasies and the Democratic Party is providing the fairy tales. Romney and the GOP will not replace or remove any federal benefit, but they will adjust programs. What the Democrats fail to mention in the attacks on Romney is that it will be today’s children who will be paying for the $16 trillion and escalating debt incurred by the current administration.

These children can forget about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid because the Democrats have failed to act in preserving these safety nets for future generations. In many Democratic-controlled states, the pensions and health care benefits for retired state workers are so underwater that today’s children’s grandchildren will be paying the debt.

The Democratic Party and its Super PACs are lying to today’s children to provoke a panic, but the real panic is how these children are going to pay for today’s debt in the future.

Jack McCabe


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