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Letter: Economy is in shambles

Published: Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

I am tired of the excuses and the finger pointing and the blame games in the presidential election.

This current president has been in office near four years and has put our economy in shambles. It was nowhere this bad when he took office. He is the one responsible for this mess and can look to no one else. Mr. Romney, running against him, has not – as of yet – come up with a plan that will pull us out of this quagmire. We want to hear more from him on what he plans to do. So, let's hear from you, Mr. Romney. Time is getting short.

The whole Congress has a lot to do with the fix we are in. Why some cave in to the worst interests of the others blows the mind. So many say "fire them all." It is something to think about, even though we know that cannot be done, except as term limits end.

Another glaring provocation is the "race card." It is played so often, and so many otherwise smart people fall for it. It is an emotional stab in the back, and so many don't seem to realize it. It is the policies, not the skin color. So, let that stop already.

When President Carter was unelected and President Reagan became the new commander in chief, it was because Carter had failed miserably as a president. Well, Obama has failed as well, and we need a man in office who knows and understands business. Public unions don't put the bread and butter on enough tables. Big and small businesses do. Stop all the regulations on businesses; let them succeed and grow so they can make more and better products and hire more people to do that. That is how this country grows and expands.

Look at some of the European countries with their Socialistic governments. They are crumbling faster than you can watch them. We don't want this for our country. We have always led. And other countries have looked to us for their inspiration. So, let us keep leading – this time with a new president.

Richard SharpGeneva

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