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Sound Off: Get in the real world

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The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Get in the real world The teachers always strike, and they want more money in pensions and health insurance. They are not for the kids. They are for their own pockets. If teachers cannot afford to live on the salary they make, they should see a financial counselor to help them. I do not support the teachers in Geneva. I do not support any teachers who go on strike, ever. They make good enough money. There was a lady on TV saying she didn't get credit for a class she took, and she was promised a raise. Get in the real world, lady. Try the unemployment line and see what it's like.

Geneva and the strike In reference to the Geneva issues right now – Geneva School Board, please remember that you not only represent the community, but you represent people who work in the Geneva School District and live in the community. GEA, please remember that some of you can leave and not have to live with the repercussions of the strike. You can go back to your homes. Those of us who live here have to stay with it, 24/7. Community, please remember there are two sides to every story. Educate yourselves, and don't believe all the spin that comes from District 304. Go to the GEA website and get some information. And lastly, Dr. Mutchler, where are you? You live in this community. Show some leadership.

There is a choice Regarding pro-choice – women have a choice. They can opt for birth control or abstinence. There is justification for abortion in cases of rape, incest or help of the mother. But there is a choice, and it should not be used as a form of birth control.

Silly green T-shirts To the "me" teachers – when are you going to grow up? What are you teaching the kids in Geneva – if you don't get your way, stomp your feet, have a tantrum, and mommy and daddy taxpayers will give in. You are teaching our kids not to think for themselves. When your union boss says "jump," you say, how high? Get those silly green T-shirts off and act like our adult school board.

More of the same This goes to all the unemployed and the underemployed who voted for Obama. This includes middle-class families, whose incomes have dropped $4,000, blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, college students who are about to enter a job market where your chances of getting a job are 50 percent at best, and for those who voted for Obama because he "just made them feel good." You are about ready to get what you asked for. Four more years of the same. So here's to higher taxes, more unemployment, more regulation, more takers than givers and more on the entitlement dole, which you are going to pay for. I'm sure he got a large percentage of the Geneva teachers' vote as well.

Getting even The re-election of Obama is the Democrats' way of getting even with the Republicans for re-electing George W. Bush.

The chance to get in Over the last two weeks of football playoffs in high school, some of the local teams have been down 30 or even 40 points late in the fourth quarter, but they still had their starters in. I was just wondering why not everybody had the chance to get in the game.

A waste of money I'm calling after the election. I think if the United States government people would have used a lot of that money, instead of spending thousands and millions of dollars, we could have paid back some of the debt that we owed. I am very concerned about our government, and I think we, as people in America, are to uplift our officials in prayer, and all of our officials – Democrats and Republicans – should get together and not cut what little bit of a Social Security check that I get. I'm a senior citizen, and I am concerned about the taxes.

Americans deserve Obama It's truly amazing that Americans have voted for Obama and the status quo. More unemployment, higher taxes, more deficit spending. It's like an alcoholic who continues to drink to his own self-destruction. America truly deserves Obama.

Building up debt This call is to the Chronicle. I am sure you are as unhappy as a lot of us are, but it was childish to ignore the situation in the Oval Office. Another four years of building up debt for our great-grandchildren to pay off.

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