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Sound Off: It's Michelle Obama's fault

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

It's Michelle Obama's fault The bakers union and the AFL-CIO are blaming the GOP, Mitt Romney and asset management companies like Bain Capital for the closing of Hostess bakeries. These unions failed to mention that Hostess has been in bankruptcy twice, and the contract was imposed by the bankruptcy judge. Who is at fault? Look no further than Michelle Obama, who states that eating foods like Twinkies, HoHos and white bread make people fat. And Michelle wants all Americans to eat healthy.

Not bashing the union This is for the Hostess union basher, do yourself a favor and find out about what you are talking about. You know nothing about what the unions did to Hostess. The unions didn't pay the bills or write the marketing. The unions are hard-working individuals. Anyone who bashes the union does not understand what a union stands for. It's because of unions that you have workers rights. Do yourself a favor and find out the history of a company before you start spouting off about what a union does to destroy a company.

Would not hire them The bakers union at Hostess got themselves out of a job. Instead of asking for more money, why couldn't they live on what they have and get a part-time job? Yes, we're all going to miss Hostess, but do they honestly think, the bakers, that they are going to find another job down the road in this economy? If I was an employer and I found out that one of the interviewers were from bakers union, I would not hire them. They would do the same thing. Live within your means. And if you can't live within your means, like the teachers, then get a job at Walmart. They are hiring.

Who is the real idiot? What disrespect and hate for our president, calling him an idiot, and the people who voted for him. What things to teach the children. Who is the real idiot?

Actress in the ER Actress Selena Gomez is a prime example of why our medical costs are outrageous. She goes to the emergency room for a staph culture, rather than going to her primary physician. How many people did she jump ahead because she is an actress? She should have gone to her primary.

Feeling like a sucker It's laughable that District 304 "seeks a small tax levy increase" with their new contract. It averages out to another $340 per year on a Geneva house that is approximately $340,000 in value. My taxes now are $11,000 per year, or about 3.4 percent, with $6,500 of those monies going to District 304. Now, another $340 per year. Congratulations to District 304. I can't wait to sell my house to some other sucker who thinks that the taxes are worth living in such a great place.

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