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Letter: Victims of empty rhetoric

Published: Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

In response to Walt Zlotow’s letter, “A smaller tent is needed” (Kane County Chronicle, Nov. 20), let’s be honest – 93 percent of blacks voted for Obama who, with his half-white, alleged slave background, doesn’t even represent them. It’s just as racist to vote for a man because he’s black as it is to vote against him because he’s black.

Women who voted for Obama because he was pro-choice need to realize that no matter what the beliefs of pro-life candidates, all women pretty much understand that there are times abortion is just necessary. No one president will be able to wrest the decision of Roe v. Wade out of the hands of 51 percent of the voters.

What exactly is Obama doing for gays? Orating that he likes them? What do many of the young people just coming out of school know about the effects Obama will have on their lives? Has it improved for those who left college in the last four years?

Obama takes credit for getting bin Laden, when we would have never gotten bin Laden if George Bush told us he wouldn’t stop until not one terrorist was left. Obama’s order to shoot bin Laden in no way equals Bush’s burden when he decided to militarily pursue him. On the other hand, our great leader left those in Benghazi defenseless. Why so quiet about this? And the war in Iraq is over? No war is over if even one soldier is left on the ground who can be shot at.

We now once again have a divided Congress under the same faulted president. I’ve always believed that America’s strength lays in the fact that it continues despite ineptness in high offices. But I’ve lived 65 years, and my country has never felt so wrong. We are, indeed, in serious trouble. This election underscored for me that racism is alive, but just on the part of some black voters, and people who criminally cross our borders can influence the votes of those who worked to be legal citizens. 

I’d like these Obama supporters to write in to the newspapers and let us know how exactly their lives improved in the last four years. Is there some mystery the rest of us aren’t privy to? They’ve simply become victims of the empty rhetoric that is Obama’s trademark.

You know what Obama is going to need Mr. Zlotow? A big, big tent – to house all these people.

Paula Coughlan


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