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Sound Off: Too many guns

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The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Too many guns When I got up this morning and heard the news about guns, I couldn't believe it. The state of Illinois has gone along with other states and gone along with the NRA and allowed anybody to carry a gun. I believe that's terrible. It's going to end up with everybody killing each other. Even the people who don't believe in guns will buy them just to protect themselves. What is wrong with our state? What is wrong with the people who are voting for this? I don't believe it. It is absolutely horrible.

Taught to survive I'm watching the news where this Connecticut elementary school had [at least, as of this phone call,] 27 people killed. And, of course, the first response from the police and all is, get rid of the guns. And I remember when we were in school, particularly elementary school, we had the threat after World War II and the Korean War, and we were taught survival. We were taught how to roll our desks over if there was a threat or if somebody broke into our school. We are so busy putting our kids in a rubber room that we don't teach them survival anymore. We don't teach them about bad people. We just want to protect them. And that's wrong. I agree with the police that they shouldn't have the schools locked down, that you need to get those kids out of there. That's a survival thing. I think we need to look at this and remember that law-abiding citizens aren't going to misuse weapons or guns, only those who are hell-bent on destruction are going to misuse guns. Maybe if some people had guns at the school, they could have prevented some of that.

Plowing the Batavia Riverwalk I can't wait to see what Batavia has planned for cleaning the new, lovely riverwalk. If they plan on using that small tractor with the brush they use on the sidewalks, we are going to have a lot of traffic backing up, waiting for it to happen. They also are going to have a lot of problems piling up the snow along the bump outs downtown. That'll be fun to watch, too. Can't wait for the first snowfall.

Happy yoga experience Last week, I had the luck to stumble upon the newly opened Shine Yoga Studio on Batavia on River Street. I had to say I was impressed with the knowledgeable staff, the beautiful building and the peaceful place it was. I thoroughly enjoyed my yoga place. If you haven't stopped in, stop by and check it out. You won't want to leave. I would like to congratulate the independent business owner for bringing this wonderful place to Batavia. I hope she is here for many years.

What a surprise Recently, I read an article in your paper about District 304 that I have to comment on. After following the negotiations between the teachers and the board, I noticed a recurrent theme. Superintendent [Kent] Mutchler's only comment was he was surprised by the impasse. Then the board was surprised by the union's intentions of a strike. Now, Sarah Miller, the attorney for the school district, is surprised that the union is not withdrawing its unfair labor practice [complaint] against the board. What that tells me is that they are not listening or paying attention and therefore not doing their job. So, I also am surprised that they were surprised.

Four-star general On Nov. 15, 2012, cartoonist Dave Granlund had a cartoon featuring George Washington, Gen. Grant, Gen. Patton, Gen. MacArthur and Gen. Eisenhower. He shows Gen. Patton as a five-star general. Gen. Patton was a four-star general. On Nov. 28, 2012, Investment Business Daily featured Gen. Patton on the leaders and success page. Patton was a serious soldier. He came prepared, had nerve and spark. Without him, the Battle of the Bulge could not have been won. The Battle of Bulge began Dec. 16, 1944. Shoes and socks were being shipped to our soldiers at that time. In France, someone appropriated the shipment for our soldiers. They didn't get the shoes and socks for the freezing feet. That still makes me mad. Gen. Eisenhower and MacArthur were five-star generals.

Who is represented? Why did 17 Democratic senators, including Illinois' Dick Durbin, who all initially voted for Obamacare, draft a letter to the president asking that several large medical organizations be exempt from portions of the new law. I am just sitting here, scratching my head, wondering who does Dick Durbin really represent?

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