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Sound Off: We need to be realistic

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

We need to be realistic I don’t understand how people can think the solution to gun violence is more guns. That is like trying to solve a weight problem with more food. I hear people say if only the teachers were armed. Wouldn’t it just be better if no one had any guns? It seems like these people want to walk around in a world where everyone is armed at all times like Mad Max and the Thunderdome. I mean, I am as pro-Thunderdome as the next person, but we need to be realistic here. 

No guns at schools I'm responding to "Taught to Survive." I don't agree with the person. The tragedy of all the children who were killed at the grammar school, that was just horrible. But the person said maybe if some people had guns at the school, that could have prevented that. I don't think anybody should carry any guns. Police and security, they are trained. I am so glad that I went to school when this never was. People should not be allowed to carry guns, or even to buy a gun at a store. This is a terrible tragedy.

Ban on assault weapons While I have disagreed with the majority of Mr. Obama's policies and actions, I thoroughly support him for a ban on assault weapons. Since a great number of these weapons are already in the hands of the wrong people, it will take at least 10 years to rid our country of this pestilence. But it is never too late to start. As the Lord said, if you find one, only one, just man, living in the town, I will spare the town. Likewise, if a ban on assault weapons can save one human life, it will be worth the effort. Let's start now.

Keep guns out of the classroom Will the idiots of concealed and carry weapons please leave the classroom? Whenever a law enforcement officer shoots a suspect, the media always mentions how many bullets it took to bring the suspect down. But the media never mentions how many shots are fired and are the locations of the missed bullets accounted for? These police officers are required to take weapons training at least once a year, and they still miss the target. Now put the concealed weapons in the hands of a school principal, teacher or other authorized person, and how long will it take these people to find the weapon, approach the intruder, shoot the weapon and hit the target? There will be more children killed or wounded by allowing any type of weapon in a school. And most of the children will be hit by friendly fire.

The Republican agenda When I think of attitudes or positions that define the modern day Republican party, as expressed or instigated by their members the past several years and during the 2012 election campaign, the following come to mind: voter suppression; uncompromising; anti-evolution; anti-immigration; anti-gay rights; anti-environment, as demonstrated by a drill-baby-drill attitude, little or no interest in exploring or building alternative energy sources, and promoting global warming as a hoax; attacks on collective bargaining to divide American workers; tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans; cuts in vital social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; ... and an unwillingness to consider exploring even basic gun control/gun safety amendments to existing gun control laws that obviously are not working. ... Admittedly, the Democrats are far from being free from sin, but their deficiencies pale in comparison to the Republicans. The current Republican agenda is a recipe for national disaster that will hasten their decline as a credible, viable political party and plague the American people with divisiveness and uncertainty for years to come. We live in a time when the country desperately needs unity, cooperation, compromise and hope, not divisiveness and uncertainty. Let’s hope our elected officials of both parties can put ideology aside and begin working in a positive manner for the American people. Wouldn’t that be nice!

What is more newsworthy? Is something wrong with the editorial staff at the Kane County Chronicle? On Dec. 14, there were 20 children and seven adults killed, execution style, in an elementary school in Connecticut. The Kane County Chronicle must have missed that news. The front-page news was the opening of the Red Gate Bridge. What is more newsworthy? The mass killings of children on page 6, with local comments on page 7? Or the opening of a bridge?

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