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Letter: Gun control cannot heal sick minds

Published: Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

Twenty angels were called in an untimely way to their deserved place in heaven on Dec. 14 because of the actions by some coward who took out his warped frustrations on young, totally innocent and defenseless children. I have not shed as many tears since the Our Lady of the Angels school fire on Dec. 1, 1958, when 92 angels were sent to heaven.

The fire, by all accounts, was an accident. This act was willful and demented.

Much will now be said about gun control. Taking away guns from Americans will not solve the everyday occurance of useless killings. Gun control cannot heal the sick and twisted mind.

The same day in China – where guns are not generally allowed to be owned or carried by citizens – a Chinese man stabbed 23 children at a school. Would that mean they have to take away knives from everyone as well in order to solve the problem of needless killings? Will the taking away of our guns prohibit the gang bangers on the streets of Chicago to stop the killing of innocent children who seek merely to have a normal life but happen to live in a terrible gang-infested neighborhood?

There are the sick that need to be treated and their malady discovered by professionals before they strike at the innocent. When you consider that at the very start of our human race on this planet, and in the very first generation, a man killed his brother – what a great start for humanity. And earlier this month, just another sad day in the history of our existence where man cannot get along with his fellow man.

Ask those 20 angels who have just reached their place in the heavens to pray for the sorry souls here on Earth.

Jerry MarcheseWayne

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