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Letter: Knee-jerk reactions

Published: Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

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To the Editor:

In response to the editorial “A powerful incentive to bring about change” (Kane County Chronicle, Dec. 18) and the editorial board of the Kane County Chronicle – like a lot of people around the country, I am upset, saddened and shocked at the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. What kind of person would even comprehend such an act of violence against an elementary school or anywhere for that matter?

Well, these shootings happen in Chicago every week. The numbers are at record levels (500). Where is the outrage? Where are the national media? How is the current law preventing the murder of children on the South Side of Chicago?

Some may say that our society has lost God and our moral compass has shifted for the worst; others want to blame the tool of the destruction, while others fail to recognize that our society has an obsesseion with horrific acts, played out on the TV, radio, Internet and in the newspapers over and over again.

Within hours of the news reports, numerous local and national politicians and advocates were calling for stricter controls on fire arms. Mental health checks, schools sending emails about counselor availability and how they are going to monitor our kids to identify any mental or behavioral issues – all this before the facts were known.

The very people that are calling for gun bans on all of us are the same people who have armed body guards. It seems self-serving for those who wish to get their point across. They just want to get their mug on TV and get a little PR out of a tragedy. This is an emotional time and to have a knee-jerk reaction to these events may have unintended consequences.

For the Kane County Chronicle to put an editorial viewpoint supporting a knee-jerk reaction to this incident is just sad, considering that right below the editorial is the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights with the editorial board members’ names right next to it.

The Second Amendment speaks just as plainly as the first and has been upheld by SCOTUS. Ben Franklin said that they who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little tempororary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. The Bill of Rights is not outdated and cannot be negotiated away.

Without the Second Amendment, the First Amendment cannot be protected by the people – our last and final defense against tyranny. If you take away the ability to vote, people will speak with their wallet. And they are.

Timothy P. Cooper

St. Charles

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