Move on to bigger, better things ahead

Published: Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 5:30 a.m.CDT

A cup of kindness to you in 2013.

I suggest we put theseitems over the cliff and move on to betterthings ahead.

Delete the following:the cliff-hangingCongress, da Bears, Hurricane Sandy, mass killers, bad tomato crops, naughty celebrities, attack ads, promises, promises ... .

Did you makeany resolutions?

Here’s my short list.

1. Don’t take any pharmaceuticals as advertised on TV with more than three fatal side effects.

2. Take scout’s advice and “be prepared.”

Meanwhile, while trying to escape news accounts of those over-the-cliff items, it was good to find classic films on TV. It was good to re-install some useful vocabulary words and phrases such as “you dirty rat” and “likewise” andto meet again Nick and NoraCharles and Asta.

Here’s some uplifting news so far in 2013 (keep mentioning the date to practice).

Things have made a change for the better at the Dunkin’Donuts on West Main Street in St. Charles. There is now an expanded seating space that makes it a destination,and not just a pick-up-and-leave location. Sunnyand his crew are proudly asking for feedback.

My report is that it’s great.

Perhaps the empty stores in our communities will see a reverse trend in 2013.

Asuggestion –perhaps landlords would ask local high school students to paint the windows with homecoming-like designs, scenic or whimsical concepts or something about which to smile.

Smile! That’s a great resolution. Smilefrequently. Have a great year. Thatwould be 2013.

• Joan Arteberry is a long time resident of St. Charles. Her columns are featured in the Kane County Chronicle’s Neighbors section every other Friday. Write to her at