Face Time with Lisa Mertz

Glen Ellyn resident Lisa Mertz, 63, was at a nature walk at Corron Farm in Campton Hills when she answered nine questions for the Kane County Chronicle’s Brenda Schory.

Where did you grow up? Lombard

Pets? A black lab named Miya and a parakeet named Birdie

First job? Mailman – and I’m not a male or a man.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? An ecologist, tree surgeon or a witch doctor. I became an ecologist.

A book you’d recommend? “Coyote Medicine Book: Lessons from Native American Healing” by Lewis Mehl-Madrona M.D.

Favorite charity? Wild Ones, a nonprofit dedicated to natural landscaping.

Hobbies? Yard work, classes, reading, natural history

Favorite local restaurant? Taste of Himalayas in St. Charles

What is an interesting factoid about yourself? I was a biology major in college and was advised that if I did not go into teaching, I would not find a job. The advice was wrong. I worked as a biologist for six years until I had kids.

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