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Sound Off: Pay people what they're worth

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The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Pay people what they're worth I'm responding to "Wage hike won't help" and "Devastating effect." I agree that the $10 minimum wage should be. How can anybody live on $7.25 an hour? The person stated that people should get a second job like others do. Well, not everybody is 25 years old. We're 50 and older. Working two jobs? No. You're going to pay more at the grocery store, anyway, whether it goes to $10 an hour. Look at the gas prices. It's going up. I remember when it used to be $1.25 a gallon. Those days are long gone, aren't they? Yes, raise it to $10. Let people make a good living. It's time that people start getting paid what they are worth. And seniors, working two jobs? If you are 25, you can. If you're almost 60, you cannot do two jobs.
Nice lady in Geneva
It's Presidents' Day, and you'll remember that George Washington said as a kid, he could not tell a lie. Here in Geneva, my wife had a similar experience. She went into a store, and she was shopping and we came back to the car and we went to another place to pay a bill. She noticed she was missing a pretty good amount of money. She went back to the store, and someone at the store said a lady said she found some money and left her name and phone number. We called the person, and she met us in Geneva and would not take any kind of reward. I'm calling to thank Nancy in Geneva for being a good Samaritan. I think it's time that we can stand a little more faith in human nature and the goodness in people. We absolutely saw that in this nice lady named Nancy.

Honest and approachable In reference to last week's Sound Off, I didn't see that Chris Lauzen's nose was out of joint at all. He asked for help from the board, in case he is asked to be in two places at once, instead of asking each person on the board each time something comes up. Someone would have just been assigned. The board denied it, and Lauzen moved on. It seemed to me just to be a suggestion that was denied. I did not feel he was upset by that. And as far as pettiness, I think you have the wrong politician. I've known several politicians over the years, and Lauzen is by far the most honest and approachable politician I have ever met.
That's not very fair
I'm sitting here listening to Obama speak. All of his rules he wants to make. He's so worried about gun control and the taxes and the pensions. One thing they aren't looking at is all these kids he wants to give an opportunity to. Yet there are hundreds of thousands in these orphanages, and they'll never have a chance in life because the adoption rules are too hard in this country. That's why these people have to go out of the country. Why doesn't he want to give those kids a chance, with everybody else in the country? I think that's not very fair.

Remove the phrase With more and more states legalizing same-sex marriages, I feel the only right thing to do is to remove the phrase, "under God," from the Pledge of Allegiance and stop singing "God Bless America," since we are ignoring His plans for marriage and many of his other commandments.

New ideas needed Last week, somebody called in about the potential new alderman for the city of Batavia. Batavia needs new faces. People should not be allowed on city or any government for more than 30 years. They become stagnant and too satisfied with what is going on and do not bring new ideas to city government.

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