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Letter: No faith

Published: Thursday, March 14, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

What has happened to the Democrats? Or, maybe it’s more accurate to ask, what has happened to the lefties/liberals/progressives? Take your pick.

One of them, Corinne Pierog, informs us in a letter to the editor (Kane County Chronicle, Feb. 7) that, “Equality of opportunity is a major component toward the path of economic prosperity and social parity.” True enough, but she then takes Jim Oberweis to task because he “ … believes that a portion of Illinois’ population should be prevented from receiving the same opportunities as other members of our community.” How so? According to the “logic” of Corinne, it is because Sen. Oberweis “ … opposes same-sex marriage.”

Corinne, can you explain why the Center for Disease Control recommends that men who have sex with men get inoculated against hepititis? Do such warnings normally apply equally to heterosexual couples?

When I donate blood, I am asked if I have ever had sexual contact with another male. Why do you suppose they want to know that? Homosexuals turn out in droves for the annual World AIDS Day marches/activities. Sure, there are also heterosexuals in attendance as well, but I’m curious – can you tell me the significance of the gay turnout regarding this deadly disease?

In general, then, who is more at risk of acquiring STDs, homo- or heterosexuals? Why?

By the way, how is it that you believe Sen. Oberweis wants “ … a portion of Illinois’ population … be prevented from receiving the same opportunities as other members of our community.”? For your information, the current rules regarding marriage in Illinois apply equally to both gays and straights – both groups can marry members of the opposite gender. Just because gays don’t want to, we should change the laws to accommodate their desires, just so they can do what they want to do? Should we also change other laws based on what this group or that group “wants?” Is this the proper role of government?

Speaking only for myself, I have no faith in folks who think like Corinne when it comes to serving the public. If they are so wrong regarding issues as easy to understand as this, how can I possibly believe they would be level headed regarding virtually any other issue? And, unlike Corinne, who hopes “ … that other members of the Party of Lincoln will have the political courage to support same-sex marriage,” I have no hope that she and her party of choice will ever admit or accept the truth about the homosexual lifestyle.

John Babush

Big Rock

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