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Sound Off: Wake up, Batavians

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Wake up, Batavians Batavians, have you been to Elburn lately? Within a half-mile, they have a family restaurant, gas station, [an ice cream parlor], bank, rustic family-friendly pub, pizza parlor, breakfast cafe, barber shop, award-winning fresh meat market, and a lovely old home converted to sell antiques. They have sidewalks with no bump-outs and designated handicap parking on the street. They don't have brick streets and arches to attract people. They don't need them. If you want more, drive a half-mile farther, and they have a Jewel, a Walgreens and a McDonald's. Wake up, Batavia City Council.

It must be obvious Where is the city of Batavia and the City Council spending all the money that is being spent or will be spent? The City Council uses TIF money for the streetscape and arch project. It must be obvious that downtown needs the TIF money more than schools, park districts and libraries. But now the City Council is proposing an economic development officer. Including salary and benefits, this position will cost the city around $100,000. Will this individual finally have the former Wickes furniture store, Circuit City, Avenue Chevy, plus all the vacant storefronts in downtown and Randall Road, filled with retail tax producers? Isn't this just another duplication of efforts that the Batavia Chamber and Batavia MainStreet are trying to do? Batavia does not need to become more like the federal government of spend, spend and more spending.

Fairness for the city taxpayers? In response to "A good vote for fairness," I understand the person calling is obviously a city employee and he thinks that candidate for mayor would be a good vote for fairness for city employees. But what about fairness for the city taxpayers?

Don't do it I'm calling in reference to the city putting bump-outs on Wilson Street hill. I think Wilson Street, I've lived there all my life, and I'm 77, is the main thoroughfare through Batavia. And they are thinking of putting bump-outs on the north side of the street? Planting trees? Widening the sidewalk? Disrupting those fine business people? I do business with Olmstead's, and I have for years. My dentist is at the end of the street, where there are bump-outs on both sides, down and up. I see no necessity for that. It's going to cost a lot of money. They are getting $1.5 million from the government. But where is the other $2 million coming from? I think this is very unkind to those business people. I go to the dentist at the bottom of the street, and I can hardly park there now. How can you put bump-outs on that street? How are you going to plow it? What are they going to with these trees? It makes no sense. I hope they do not do it.

How sad it is I'm calling about the person who called in and insinuated it was the liberals responsible for the Kane County building having a "spring holiday." As sad as it is, this has been going on for a long time. We are told we need to be politically correct. I do not, and never have, gone along with this. I don't say happy holidays, I respond with Merry Christmas. I don't say winter break, I say Christmas break. We are not supposed to offend people, but what about me and all the other Christians? If certain religions don't like ours, then don't look at it and don't listen to it. And what happened to majority rules? This isn't the fault of liberals, conservatives or independents. If you have lived in St. Charles for any length of time, you would remember when Robert Sherman, who is an atheist, forced our town to take down a lighted cross that was put up every Christmas because it was on a city building. It had been there forever. If you don't like it, don't look at it. By the way, I am a conservative.

Attend the meeting I'm calling to suggest that the people in the city of Batavia get off their bottoms and get down to City Hall on the 30th of April at 7 o'clock at the council chambers and voice their opinions about the fiasco that's going on about the bump-outs at Wilson Street. The arch and streetscape was bad enough. We're spending a lot of money. Citizens and taxpayers of Batavia need to get down there and voice their opinion. They have that right. ... See you downtown.

Man with a plan The man with a plan. The man for the job. Military high, can't deny. Businessman, unique. Knows how to budget for the goal, not nugget. Intelligent and a new face for the race. Time for a change for the long-term range. Vote for Jake Wyatt for mayor of St. Charles.

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