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Sound Off: We will not forget

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The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

We will not forget The City Council of Batavia just doesn't get it. The public has not known for two years that this arch would cost $117,000. Their attitude is just appalling. I ask the voters of Batavia to remember each council member who voted for both the River Street and the Wilson Street projects, and let's vote out each one of them. We will not forget.

It's too important The Senate failed to pass any gun legislation this week, but what was really in this Obama-supported law? Has anyone, from Congress to the American people to the media, read the entire bill and understood it? There is a background check, but what else is in the bill that Obama is afraid to mention? The United States cannot have a Nancy Pelosi comment about Obamacare, of let's vote for the bill and then we'll figure out what's in it. The protection of the Second Amendment is too important to just vote, without understanding the full ramification of the legislation.

Seniors made this country A lot of us seniors are very angry. It seems there is so much being done to accommodate illegals and at the same time, much is being taken away from senior citizens. Are they trying to liquidate this country's most vulnerable? Law-abiding seniors made this county. Now, law-breaking aliens are invading our country and taking over.

Nobody good was running I'm responding to "Blame yourself," on how election day there were only 13 percent of the voters voting. We, in our house, did not go to vote. We did go to vote for the election between Obama and Mitt Romney, but we did not vote for Obama. We were never for him. Now people see what he is doing to this country. Now maybe people who didn't vote on Election Day, it's because nobody good is running. They say one thing, and they do another. I'm sure the city employees, the school teachers, of course, they would vote. They want their union pay. They want their good salary. Try working at Walmart. Let's see what the new mayor of St. Charles is going to be doing – helping the community or helping himself?

Nobody wants it Regarding the ludicrous Batavia arch. I deeply resent Mr. Wolff saying that people in the community have not paid attention. If it were not for the Chronicle newspaper informing us, we knew nothing about this until the last month. It was swept right through, under the table. Nobody wants it. The money can go for far better purposes to help this town.

End this nonsense To the parents in the Batavia Highlands, "Is it personal?" you ask. You bet it is. The Batavia Highlands students have been moved repeatedly "to balance school populations" and "to save money on transportation costs" for as long as the area has been in the Geneva School District. In 1994, we were told that the kids would be moved from Harrison to Coultrap. The parents banded together to fight it. We attended meetings, wrote letters, got petitions signed, but when the final vote took place, the already-written press release was immediately handed to the newspaper reporters. It was a done deal despite the fact that we were passionately fighting for our children and against the injustice of always being the ones who got shifted and/or shafted. The school board didn't listen, and they didn't care. The only place the kids from the Highlands should be moved to is a Batavia school. It's time to redraw (district) boundaries and end the nonsense. So, is it personal? Oh, yeah.

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