Into the Storm: Small threat of tornadoes, and watch out for hail

Today's posting is a threat of severe weather today. I was in Kansas this weekend and saw three tornadoes and tennis-ball-size hail that cracked my windshield. As I was driving through Victoria, Kan., as the tornado went through, everyone was outside looking. I can't stress enough how important it is to get into a safe spot when severe weather is coming and NOT go outside like that.

Today, we have a small threat of tornadoes in our area. The system is just spinning and not moving east very fast. So our threat is going to be around tomorrow as well, although our main threat as daytime heating takes place will be large hail and damaging winds possible in excess of 65 mph. Keep weather radios tuned. I am thinking we will be under watches later today and tonight as these storms start firing. If they fire in our area, they will go up fast and could be discrete supercells. These could also rotate with a powerhouse jet stream cutting through this warm and humid air.

Like I said though, the main threat is wind and large hail. If these do occur, expect damage to vehicles, houses and crops. Stay indoors and head for shelter if any warning is issued. These can grow so fast in this air mass that there may be little to no warning. This is a possible serious situation if the sun heats us up later today. Stay tuned and listen for watches and warnings. Also watch my website at

The photos shown here are from Victoria, Kan., on Saturday. This is what could happen – rain-wrapped tornadoes. This rain-wrapped tornado did damage, according to EMS officials.The second photo was when the funnel started to come down again.

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