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Letter: Approach the topic objectively

Published: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

John Strauss hits the nail on the head with this statement in his recent letter to the editor (Kane County Chronicle, June 26, 2013): “We were taught that God made all of us, not some of us or most of us but ‘ALL’ of us.” So much for the common sense in his letter.

He says, “Some statistics indicate that roughly 5 to 10 percent of us are born gay.” That may be, but there are also statistics that tell us a significant number of homosexuals were sexually abused as children.

How many children are born blind? Deaf? Do we insist that the blind have the right to drive a car, or that the deaf have a right to a job that demands good hearing? Why not? God made them, too, right?

John continues: “I think our nation would be best served if religious leaders would be quiet and allow our secular state to exhibit the compassion and inclusiveness that eludes them.” An organization that is part of our “secular state” is called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Why should we ignore what they say about the homosexual lifestyle?  Why are folks who even mention such things called homophobes, while those who promote this lifestyle, which the secular CDC labels as high-risk, are seen as compassionate?  

What’s the next compassionate thing we’ll be encouraging? Sitting by silently as children dash out onto busy streets (chasing a ball or one another), rather than risk hurting their feelings by yelling to them?

Finally, John says, “ … in this country, we have separation of church and state.” Yes, we do have this separation, but not as envisioned by folks like Mr. Strauss. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to explain why one of the very authors of the First Amendment, Fisher Ames, so strongly supported the continued use of the Bible in public schools. Once that explanation is provided, they can also try deciphering this from our first chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay: “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers. And it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest, of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

There are countless other quotes from our founding era that fly in the face of how so many today interpret that “separation” idea. All one need do is approach the topic objectively and read up on American history.

John Babush

Big Rock

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