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Sound Off: Two-wheeled nuisances

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Two-wheeled nuisances To last week's caller, "The horror of summer," I am with you. Don't think you have a Batavia problem. Those two-wheeled nuisances are everywhere. Just last week, I had to veer to the right as an oncoming car crossed a center line into my lane because he had to go around those nuts riding side by side at a speed well below the posted speed limit. And how many times do you see them running red lights at stop signs and weaving in and out of stopped traffic so they can get in front everybody else? Finally, I believe there was a bicyclist killed a couple of weeks ago in our area. I'm surprised there aren't more. Fortunately for them, many of us in vehicles are alert to their presence and their poor cycling habits. Looking forward to winter.

Poor choices Regarding the pension issue and the social security issue and the Medicare issue, I am taking the lesson my government is teaching me. I no longer feel that I need to honor contracts. If I don't have enough money, or if I have made poor choices, then I don't need to honor those contracts, or even if [it's] just inconvenient. That's what the government is doing, and I think that's a legal precedent that I could use in court to not pay any of my bills, if I have made poor choices.

Fireworks are illegal July 4 is over, so why are thea fireworks going on? Fireworks are illegal. People buy them in Indiana or Wisconsin. Have police, at the border when you get into Illinois, arrest these people and take their cars. Don't they know this is dangerous? I don't want my house hit by fireworks by teenagers doing their fireworks on a deck. Where are the parents? Parents, take care of their kids or put them in military school.

Stop the fireworks There has been illegal fireworks being shot off every night since July 3. Isn't there something the police can do to stop this?

English-only on the Fourth, please On the Fourth of July, it was heartbreaking to hear people speaking in Spanish at Pottawatomie Park as the beautiful fireworks were on display. I moved to another spot and smiled as I heard English-speaking kids' reaction to the colors in the sky. Unfortunately, it did not last, as another family chose not to speak English. I might just pass on the local fireworks next year or watch them, in English, on TV. Or perhaps, as a country, we could request English-only on the Fourth of July to honor our great nation.

Arch? Maybe it's a headband Coming back west from the farmers market on Main Street, I looked for the infamous arch. Didn't see it coming east. Didn't see it west until I noticed the supports and looked up. I expected an arch to rise vertically. Since it looks a lot more like a headband than an arch, maybe Batavia can get some of its money back by selling naming rights to Nike. Don't know what they can do with those ugly supports.

Historic preservation I have followed Geneva Alderman Bruno's comments about the city's Historic Preservation District and his objection to a mayoral appointment to the committee. Mr. Bruno seems proud of his years on the committee and sees himself as protecting the city from its citizens. Perhaps there should be more concern about Mr. Bruno himself, rather than the new committee appointee he so strenuously objects to.

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