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Sound Off: Don't rain on other people's fun

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Lighten up In response to Saturday's Sound Off "Not really fun," I say don't rain on other people's fun. It is laughable that uneducated people can hop from Harry Potter to Dungeons and Dragons to animal sacrifices in one paragraph. The kiddies aren't taking a page from the Necronomicon. For heaven's sake, they are just having some fun directed at fiction. I repeat again … fiction. Are you also afraid that murder mysteries spawn serial killers? Lighten up.

Completely out of bounds This is just a reply, as a concerned citizen from Batavia, at last weekend's Sound Off, about the state-of-the-art athletic center at the high school. I'm like a lot of people who talk downtown, when they're at the coffee shops or at McDonald's. The wife and I are senior citizens, and, you know, enough is enough with this school District 101. I think they ought to spend a little bit more time with the city fathers cleaning up the town a little bit better and doing some other services for people who live in town – the 26,000 people in town, not just the students. This stadium thing is just completely out of bounds with the economics of today. And I'm not even going to dignify the spending of the money on the arch.

Foxes and squirrels I live in the Surrey Hill subdivision in St. Charles. I called into your number in regard to the red foxes that are in my neighborhood. And on Monday, there was another red fox that came running through the yard, chasing the squirrel. That's something different to see. I wonder how many people have seen a fox in their area or on their property. I hope everybody still enjoys their summer.

Shut down puppy mills Before anyone considers buying a dog at a pet store, ask the pet store where they get their dogs from. We have to stop purchasing dogs that are bought at puppy mills. Please ask where the dogs came from, what their medical history is. Go to a shelter and find a dog to adopt. Or find a reputable breeder. Do not frequent pet stores that sell dogs. Most of the time, they are getting their dogs from puppy mills. We have to shut those stores down.

Shop at Goodwill, Savers Good news. I got the place to save money for designer kids clothes. Go to Goodwill and Savers. You'll help the organization and keep people working. And also, you'll be helping your children, not to show off, but to show they helped.

License plates for bicycles I would like to say the people who ride bicycles on the road, they should have to buy license plates, so we can report them to the police when they go through stop signs. And for Gov. Quinn, he tells the Wisconsin governor what to do? He can't even handle his own state. He should be down there telling Congress to make them fix that retirement thing instead of running around and doing other things.

Guns in poor taste I would like to comment about the picture on the front of the Kane County Chronicle on Friday – the picture of the locals preparing for the state [gun] law at the ready. I think that in view of all the crime and all the killing that is going on in Chicago, with young kids, and all the controversy over gun control, that I felt the picture was in poor taste. And I think there are things that would be more likable to be on the front cover.

A jewel in the center of the town I urge the city of St. Charles not to extend the construction project on First Street. They should condemn the property and preserve it for the benefit of the citizens. A lot of cities would give their eyeteeth to have a jewel like that in the center of their town.

Why such a light sentence? I'm calling about Jesse Jackson and his wife getting such a light sentence. If it was anybody else, they would have gotten many years. And how could they pick the place they want to go to, like a country club setting? Why can't they go through a regular prison, like every other citizen has to go, who does less than what they did? I think they need to go through a regular prison, and they should have had a heavier sentence.

Beautiful performance Shakespeare on Clark Island. Their "Comedy of Errors" was awesome. It was full of laughs, light humor, and it was a nice evening, so there were no bugs. It was great fun to be out with a huge crowd. And it was sponsored by All Dressed Up Costumes, Batavia MainStreet, the park district and the arts council. I know much time and much effort went into that great performance. They should be very, very proud. Beautiful Clark Island.

Pick up after your big dogs Hey people of St. Charles, especially on the east side of St. Charles, start picking up your big dogs' poop. I am tired of seeing it on my driveway and on my sidewalk. I have a small dog, but not the big poop that I keep picking up all the time. I am tired of picking up big poop. Start learning, people. The dogs are probably smarter than you are.

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