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Letter: Talking points

Published: Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

Upon reading his Aug. 16 column on global warming, it became evident to me that Kane County Chronicle columnist Rick Holinger has not been checking his inbox.

All liberals should have received new orders from our masters at Democratic Party Headquarters. 

They read: 

Effective immediately, substitute “global climate change” for the outdated and discredited term “global warming.” There are two justifications for revising this nomenclature:

1. We don’t want to look stupid if Earth actually gets colder or stays at the same average temperature. Climate is constantly in flux. No scientist can accurately predict the weather one week in the future, much less one century out, so we must cover all possibilities.

2. Many people actually wish for “global warming” to occur. A warmer Earth provides an environment that encourages human progress and prosperity. Witness the European Renaissance, which was nurtured by an era of unprecedented warmth.

How can we hope to continue usurping the rights and freedoms of Americans if they are not frightened by our phony predictions of disaster? 

End of message.

Mr. Holinger should read his Democratic talking points more carefully.

Douglas B. Jones

St. Charles

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