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Batavia 3-year-old credited for saving sister’s life

(Sandy Bressner – sbressner@shawmedia.com)
Thirteen-year-old Destiny Harville was helped by her 3-year-old sister, Jazmine Harville, after taking a fall and hitting her head in her Batavia home Monday.

BATAVIA – Thirteen-year-old Destiny Harville was watching her 3-year-old sister, Jazmine Harville, on Monday after their mother took a quick trip to Walmart.

But it was Jazmine who ended up taking care of Destiny when she was knocked unconscious after hitting her head on the handlebar of a tricycle.

“She’s my little Doc McStuffins,” Destiny said. “She’s my hero.”

Destiny was sweeping the family’s apartment Monday morning while she was baby-sitting Jazmine, but then she tripped over the broom and ended up hitting her head on the handlebar of a tricycle that was in their apartment.

She called her mother, Leandra Harville, who was on the way to Walmart.

“I told her that I just bumped my head, and I was having trouble breathing,” Destiny said.

After that conversation with her mother, Destiny suddenly fell unconscious, leaving Jazmine the one in charge.

“Jazmine told me, ‘Destiny is sleeping mommy, she won’t get up,’” Leandra Harville said.

Jazmine stayed with Destiny until a next-door neighbor, Lisa Garcia, arrived at their apartment.

Jazmine opened the door for her.

Garcia right away realized the seriousness of the situation.

“Her eyes were completely rolled back in her head,” Garcia said.

On her way home, Leandra Harville called 911, and an ambulance rushed Destiny to Delnor Hospital in Geneva.

She also credited Jazmine for helping save Destiny’s life.

“Even though her sister was lying on the ground, she never cried,” Leandra Harville said. “I was the one trying to keep my composure.”

The doctors at Delnor examined Destiny, and so far, it looks as though she will be fine.

“We have to watch her and see if her head is hurting her,” Leandra Harville said.

Destiny, meanwhile, said she is feeling much closer to Jazmine now.

“She doesn’t really understand what she did,” Destiny said.


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