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Sound Off: No right to be angry

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

No right to be angry
I'm calling in response to the Sound Off column, "Should I be angry?" Obviously, you don't think laws apply to you. It doesn't matter how many handicap spaces there are, you're not supposed to park in them. Let your husband off at the entrance, and let him walk a few steps to the train. I'd say you are a lucky woman for not getting a ticket. And you don't have any right at all to be angry. I'm angry at you, and I don't even know you, for thinking that you can just pull into a handicap spot, even if it's for two seconds.

She wasn't parked
In response to the caller who was offended when a cop threatened her with a ticket when she used a handicap space to drop her husband off, you'll probably get a lot of uncalled for flak on this. Here are my thoughts as a handicapped driver. I once got a ticket because I parked in a space without putting my card on my mirror. I was in a hurry, and I forgot to put it up. It was laying on my passenger seat. When I called the cop about it, he admitted he had seen it laying there. He dropped the ticket, with a warning, which he had to do, as I was legally allowed to park there. Secondly, as long as there are other handicap spaces open, I see no reason why it was a big deal for the lady to pull into one to drop her husband off. The issue is whether you are parking in a handicap space, leaving your car there. She wasn't. The cop said he'd ticket her if he caught her parking there again. She wasn't parked there in the actual sense of the word. As a handicapped driver, I would have just taken one of the other spaces. I always think of the old "Andy Griffith Show," when as a sheriff, he was known for courtesy and common sense. And maybe the train stations need to have better spaces for people to drop someone off. Better to have her pull into a space than to block an aisle. Also, no one likes to be treated rudely.

She should be angry
I'm calling about the Sound Off, "Should I be angry?" I think the woman should be angry. I see people who are not handicapped parking in those handicap parking spaces, going into the stores. She was just dropping off her husband at the train station. She wasn't parking there. I think she should be angry. And I think the police should give tickets to people who are able to walk when they use the handicap parking spots. The other day, I saw a man in a compact car, and he was more able to walk than I was. I'm a senior citizen, and I walk. I think they should stop giving out those things you put on your car or your license plates. Those people aren't disabled.

Should have been fined
I'm calling about "Should I be angry?" This lady should be ashamed of herself for parking in a handicap parking place. Is her husband not healthy enough to walk at least 10 steps without her parking in a handicap parking place? I would be ashamed of myself, and she needed a $500 fine.

Good job, officer
Job well done by Geneva officer, in response to "Should I be angry," about a Geneva police officer issuing a warning about being in a handicap parking spot. We have lived in Geneva for over 30 years, and over the past year, my wife became handicapped. We never realized how often these spots are abused by the healthy general public until it became a necessity for her. There is always a reason. Sometimes, an important text on your smart phone. Good job, and keep it up to the officer.

You should be grateful
This is regarding, "Should I be angry?" No, I think you should be grateful that the police officer did not give you a ticket. You were in the wrong. You were parking in a handicap spot. You took up a handicap space. You are evidently not handicapped and do not have a placard. You are lucky that the officer gave you a warning. I hope you never need a handicap placard.

She was lucky
A designated handicap parking spot is not a drop-off zone, loading zone or a five-minute parking place. I'm happy to hear the Geneva police officer is enforcing the law. Last week's caller is lucky she only got a warning. She could have had to pay a hefty fine of up to $500.

How inconsiderate
This is in response to "Should I be angry?" We should be angry with her. Handicap is not a kiss-and-run and drop off. Maybe there should be a spot for those individuals, but she should not be offended by the Geneva police officer acted. He was doing his job. How inconsiderate.

Please be thankful
To the lady who asked if she had a right to be angry about the policeman's response to her pulling into the handicap parking spaces. Be thankful you are able to drive a car. And be thankful you have a husband who can walk by himself and negotiate train travel by himself. My child will never be able to do any of these things. We have used the handicap spot. Many times, I have had to have our handicap placard and wave it to somebody who is blocking our way, so that they're able-bodied and cognitively abled person doesn't have to walk far. Please be thankful you both can do those things.

What the truth is
I have comments about three recent Sound Off items. No. 1, if teenagers out for a night of fun, heading downtown, Wilson Street to McDonalds, are laughing and not focusing on the road, and they hit a bumpout, big deal. Better a bumpout than a pedestrian or another car. They should pay attention to their driving. No. 2, the person who pulled into a handicap spot to let a person disembark their car should be ticketed. They were parked in a handicap zone, whether for a few minutes or for an hour. The policeman was correct in his comment. No. 3, the individual who thinks a woman is part man – amazing. If a naked woman and a man stood side by side as they did in Eden, I sure would see a very big difference. I suggest that person pick up his little-used Bible, if he has one, and read Romans 1:24-29 or Ephesians 4:18-20, Psalm 12:8, Luke 16:15, to name just a few that might make him more aware of what the truth is.

Very special doctor and nurse
Kudos to Dr. Alex Delgadillo and his nurse, his wife Robin. Although you are leaving practice here, you will be greatly missed. You are kind, compassionate, efficient and caring. No one ever will be able to replace you. With sadness in our hearts and tears in our eyes, we wish you luck. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always, doctor and his wife. You are very special to everyone. God bless always. You are one very special doctor and nurse.

Give it back
The Batavia School Board this year is receiving extra money, probably several million dollars, as the result of the conclusion of the TIF on the outlet mall in Aurora. The school board should give back, through rate reductions, to the taxpayers of the school district this year, rather than keep the money to fund the athletic field improvements, which they much want to do.

Be a grownup?
I'm calling about, "Make it work," about the Obamacare, for us to be grownups and make it work. Well, yes, it's going through. My health insurance I've had for nine years, my premium went up twice this year. It went up Dec. 1, and Jan. 1, it's going up. Be a grownup? I'm paying my share. I haven't worked for three years. We're just making the best of it until we can make a move out of St. Charles. Be a grownup? Whoever has health insurance is going to pay a fee, for the people who do not have health insurance. Isn't that baloney? Be a grownup? I'll start being a grownup when the sales prices start going up here again. I'll be a grownup when the salary goes up in this town. I don't even say I live here anymore.

Try being human for one day
There is a no-smoking day, when what we really need is a leave-your-cellphone-home day. Give someone a smile. Make eye contact. Maybe even speak to a stranger. And then go home, turn off your computer and all other electronic devices. Find out what life is really about. Smell the roses, so to speak. Carpe diem. Try being human for one day. It might become a habit you enjoy.

Blame yourself
Why do Tri-Cities residents seem to be so content with their real-estate taxes? All the local taxing bodies will be finalizing their 2014 tax levy requests in December. All of them have said that they want more money. If their requests go unchallenged, you can expect some whopping increases when you open your tax bills next spring, plus electric rates are definitely going to keep going up with no end in sight, because of the Prairie State debacle. Who is responsible? To quote Herman Cain, a 2012 presidential hopeful, "Blame yourself."

Happy politically correct holidays
I never hear the word Christmas in November and December anymore. It's always about holiday this and holiday that. I guess that's the new political correctness now.

Be careful when you donate
This is the time of year that many charities are soliciting for contributions, whether monthly or yearly. To avoid scams, we use the following guidelines. We do not give any money to any organization that we've never heard of. How many police associations are there? We never give a contribution to a phone solicitation and always ask for information, like a Web address. With identity theft rampant, giving a credit card over the phone is not secure. Always ask for a physical mailing address, if you are mailing a check. A P.O. box is not a physical address, and it can be used as a dropbox for fraudulent charity. In this season, with the tornadoes in Illinois and the typhoons in the Philippines, there are many excellent charities that seek contributions. Just be careful, so that the money goes to where you want it to be received.

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