Teske resigns, is appointed asst. director

Published: Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014 5:30 a.m. CDT

GENEVA – Geneva library trustees accepted the resignation of director Matt Teske at a special meeting Wednesday, then appointed him to be an assistant director and appointed library consultant Marilyn Boria the interim director.

Trustees also accepted the retirement of assistant director Peggy Carlson, effective June 27. Teske’s resignation is effective Monday.

Trustee Travis Ketterman, who was part of the personnel committee that hired Teske in 2007, said he was the right choice then.

“We were right in that decision and I’ve been proud of Matt every single day,” Ketterman said. “Matt has always had my unwavering support. I wish him well.”

Trustee Steven Andersson said he echoed Ketterman’s comments. 

“I never had anything but the utmost respect for his work,” Andersson said. “I want to thank him publicly for that service.”

In reading his resignation letter aloud, Teske revealed deeply personal information, that his seven weeks of leave during November and most of December were for treatment of depression and anxiety.

“I have made huge inroads in dealing with these issues and am in a much better position emotionally today than I was,” Teske read from his letter. “I have come to the conclusion that the position of library director is not a good fit for me right now.”

Teske said he would welcome being appointed an assistant director and serve with the new interim director Marilyn Boria and the future library director.

“I believe my experience would allow me to step into this position and make a strong, dynamic contribution to the operations of the library,” Teske’s letter stated.

Trustee Susan Shivers, who criticized Teske’s leadership in earlier meetings, voted against appointing him as assistant library director, and against Boria as interim director.

“Now the library has two assistant directors and an interim  director,” Shivers said. “We never had or needed two assistant directors in the past.”

Shivers said the library’s job description of the assistant library director calls for the assistant to serve as acting director and to be responsible for library operations in the absence of the library director.

“Upon Matt’s resignation, Peggy should have been placed in the position of acting library director and the board should have begun an active search for a new director,” Shivers said. “That’s the reason I don’t feel we need to hire an interim director.”

Shivers said Teske is welcome to apply for Carlson’s position when she leaves in June.

“So now I’m looking at two assistant directors and a job description that is not being fulfilled,” Shivers said.