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Sound Off: Feeding the robins

Published: Monday, Feb. 24, 2014 7:32 a.m. CDT

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Feeding the robins To the person who wanted to know what about feeding the robins? I'll tell you what they like. They are basically meat eaters, and they eat worms. Of course, worms are kind of tough right now with the cold weather. They will eat dried fruits like raisins. They will eat fresh fruit like grapes. If you've got some old grapes or you buy some raisins, they will certainly go for that.

In the same boat I'm calling in regards to the Geneva person who says they're tired of taxes. Tell them to go to Batavia. We've got a big library that they pay for. Look at the schools. They keep building, building, building. They don't care about taxpayers, either. They are trying to tax us out of our homes, too. So you're in the same boat, Geneva.

When they're off, there's no pay I'm calling in regards to the teacher who called in and said their salaries are divided into 12 months. Some people go to work, and when they're off, they don't get paid. There are a lot of people who don't get paid if they don't work.

Thank a teacher If you can read this Sound Off, thank a teacher. If you have a higher-level degree, thank a teacher. If you have a high school diploma, thank a teacher. Thank you to all my teachers.

Solving a mystery I'm wondering if any of your callers or reporters can help solve a mystery. For a year or two, there was a whimsical rabbit mural, with a human face, painted on a utility box. It was on the south side of Bricher Road, between Randall and Peck. It was bright pink and very cheery looking and had a smiling human face. It always made me feel happy when I drove by it. It is no longer there. Does anybody know who painted it, and can we get it back? It would really help with winter doldrums and blues.

Thanks for the help I was at Target in St. Charles, and I left my cane in a cart. Somebody was nice enough to take that cane and bring it into the store and put it by customer service. I just wanted to say thank you.

Wonderful, caring officer A big thank you to the St. Charles police officer who stopped to help a senior citizen lady trying to shovel out what the snow plows had piled on her driveway. He took my shovel and told me to relax. In a matter of minutes, he had it cleared. He was serving the community and protecting me from a possible heart attack from shoveling the heavy, wet snow. To the wonderful, caring St. Charles police officer, many thanks.

Shop local I live in Batavia. I was driving down Wilson Street and realized that Moo LaLa has closed. All of these businesses are closing. Why are we letting these big boxes take over? We have to stop shopping at these big boxes so that our little store owners can survive. That's it for me. I'm off to stop at some neighborhood stores.

Does Batavia care? The city government of Batavia just doesn't get it and maybe really doesn't care. The real estate taxes and utility costs are crippling Batavia residents. The city spends millions on streets to nowhere, gives away TIF money as if it's free money and now wants to raise utility rates. No one in the city government is ever accountable for any of these horrendous decisions. Someone should be fired for this utility arrangement, which was supposed to save the taxpayers money. It's time to clean house in Batavia. We need term limits now in the city of Batavia.

Enforce the snow routes About snow routes in St. Charles, if St. Charles isn’t going to enforce the snow routes, maybe they should just take the signs down. In every storm, I have seen vehicles parked on snow routes. They are still there after the snow is done. The plows have to keep plowing around them, and when they do move, you have piles of snow left. In the past, they used to be ticketed and towed. I know it’s been cold, but maybe police should get out of their warm cars and take care of these vehicles.

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