Park District Dish: Batavia parks fitness instructor gets 500-hour yoga certification

Kathy Freedlund is a well-known figure at the Batavia Park District. She has been an instructor for 27 years and began teaching yoga at the park district 16 years ago. Last month, Freedlund received her 500-hour certification from the National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers.

Freedlund became a fitness instructor because of her interest in health and exercise. She enjoys being active and is a strong advocate for getting fit.

“I like to keep moving,” she said. “We only get one body. It’s not like a car that we can trade in when it fails.”

Over the years, Freedlund’s classes have grown in popularity, and several of her fitness participants have been taking her classes for all 27 years. She offers a wide range of classes to suit individuals of all skill levels, including Gentle Chair Yoga, Relax & Renew Yoga and Flow Yoga. Freedlund also teaches Shape & Tone and “Pole”ates, which combines Nordic walking and pilates.

“I absolutely love helping others achieve their fitness goals,” Freedlund said. “It’s very rewarding to see someone take up exercise and make it a lifelong habit.”

Part of Freedlund’s success can be credited to her patience and her ability to modify for all skill levels. She firmly believes in adapting to everyone’s individual needs. People who attend her classes can expect to learn in a safe and judgment-free environment.

“We need to keep in mind that we are all different,” Freedlund said. “It’s not about trying to keep up with anyone else. It’s about building towards a goal and working safely to your own ability.”

It took 15 years, but receiving her 500-hour certification was a huge milestone and one she was incredibly excited to receive. After all these years, Freedlund is still learning and growing as an instructor.

“I have found that the more you learn about yoga, the less you realize you know,” Freedlund said. “It’s a lifelong process, and I will continue the learning journey as long as I can.”

If you have not tried one of Kathy Freedlund’s classes, be sure to check out the offerings online at Batavia Park District classes are safe, fun and affordable! For more information, call 630-879-5235.

• Kari Miller is director of marketing and public relations for the Batavia Park District. Contact her at