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Sound Off: Shame on us

Published: Monday, March 24, 2014 7:49 a.m. CDT • Updated: Monday, April 14, 2014 7:57 a.m. CDT

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Shame on us I'd like to express my sincere disappointment with the voters of Kane County and those who are so lost in their views that they legitimately think that a bake sale is a realistic way to raise the millions needed to properly take care of those so much less fortunate than most. We spend tax money on people who have been out of work for years. We spend millions in tax money on gymnasiums and state-of-the-art weight equipment for football players. We spent thousands on an arch that says River Street. Yet we can't find an extra $75 a year per household, on those who can't tie their shoes or feed themselves? Shame on us.

More to defeat Now that we've defeated the tax increase, let's work on defeating the Geneva library's new building that they do not need. If they get their way, it will be bigger than St. Charles or Batavia. We also need to work on the Kane County Board and the 5 percent raises.

Where is our grocery store? Why can't we get a new grocery store in place of the old Geneva Dominick's? They've been bought up all over Chicago, but not here. We really need one in this location.

They still get re-elected How stupid do Democrats think voters are when they make statements? Illinois Senate Leader John Cullerton stated that if the unemployment figures eliminated the unemployed younger than 25 and older than [54], the Illinois unemployment rate would decrease. Then President Obama mentioned that if an individual could not afford health care coverage, then they can discontinue cellphone or cable TV service. Now Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is proposing a 3 percent income tax surcharge on people making more than $1 million on taxable income. His theory is that the money will go to education. The only education Madigan knows about is paying for teachers' underfunded pensions. Despite these statements by the Democrats, they still get re-elected by the people of Illinois and the nation.

It's time to retire Jack Cunningham is living proof that there should be stringent term limits. ... He used Kane County resources to conduct his re-election campaign, and so did his minions. And he then says, I guess I screwed up? Jack, it's time to retire.

Let's keep it private Why do local police park on private property with their speed radar on to catch speeders? Do they have approval from property owners to park there? Do they share the revenue collected with property owners from speeding tickets? There are many examples in the Fox River Valley. ... Let's keep our private property rights private and forbid police from abusing these rights by setting up speed traps on them.

What does he get? If Kevin Trudeau gets 10 years for being deceitful about his infomercial for his book, what does President Obama get for being deceitful about the ACA, that you can't keep your insurance and doctor?

Abolish home rule At the City Council meeting in Batavia on March 17, Bill McGrath said home rule allows us to do anything we want to do that is not specifically prohibited by law. So, of course, the Batavia City Council voted to raise our sales tax, raise our electric rates. When Mr. Olmstead got up and said he would like to see the city council cut city expenses by 6 percent, so that the citizens weren't on the hook for the whole makeup of the mistakes that the city and city employees have made, it was met with no comment. It's time to abolish home rule. When Batavia got us into this electrical debacle, the city was not home rule. Now that they are home rule, they are taking advantage of it, adding fees and all kinds of other charges. It's time to abolish home rule. We are looking for volunteers to help us get signatures on petitions to put it on the ballot in November. When you abuse power, you shouldn't have it. It's time to abolish home rule in Batavia.

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