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Letter: Avoiding important issues

Published: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 7:52 p.m. CDT

To the Editor:

Democratic Illinois Gov. Quinn and the other progressive, they seem to no longer want to be referred to as Liberals – Democratic leaders are avoiding many important issues that the citizens of Illinois expected them to cast a vote on. There are currently non-binding referendums, which obligate our representatives to do nothing. However, our elected government leaders want the citizens to recommend on issues on the November ballot via these non-binding referendums.

One of the most popular non-binding referendums is the millionaire income tax, which could benefit the schools. The problem is that the referendum has two parts: one, the income tax increase; and the other, to add more funding for schools based on the number of students in the school district. Chicago would get the most benefit of this referendum.

Raising the minimum wage is another referendum. This referendum only asks should the minimum wage be increased but mentions nothing about who is eligible – will the public sector union members receive an automatic increase with an increase in the minimum wage?

Gov. Quinn recently presented a referendum about birth control requirements for all employers in Illinois. The Supreme Court has decided that requiring all private companies to pay for contraceptives – event if it’s against the owner’s religious beliefs – would be unconstitutional.

There are two issues that the progressive Democrats did not want the citizens of Illinois to vote on, yes or no. The progressive Democrats, to retain full power, denied Illinois voters the ability on who is responsible for reapportion of the legislative districts. This inaction denies Illinois voters fair representation. The other item that was avoided is about term limits. It took the GOP controlled Congress, after World War II, to pass term limits on the president. The progressive Democrats do not want to lose their employment with term limits.

These nonbinding referendums will do absolutely nothing for Illinois, except for the progressive Democrats who only want to bring the single-minded voter in November.

Jack McCabe


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