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Letter: Hillary's basket of excuses

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017 3:51 p.m. CDT

To the Editor:

Hillary Clinton started down the slippery slope to defeat when with great disdain she dismissed Donald Trump supporters as being "deplorables," meaning a basket full of racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic and Islamphobic voters. It was taken as all encompassing scornful contempt for his supporters, in general, very similar to Barack Obama's condescending labeling of those out of work in Pennsylvania and the Midwest as "cling[ing] to guns or religion." Both of their statements reek of their arrogant elitism.

Now the defeated Hillary and her supporters are running around looking for reasons and excuses as to why she lost, when all they need do is look in the nearest mirror. However,  that is a truth they cannot handle. 

Hillary lectured us on fake news stories emanating from social media as one of her excuses, while supporters charged voter fraud, but to no avail. Clinton's campaign manager tried to cover up his own tactical misjudgments by blaming the Russians and their internet hacking, though there is no evidence that it affected the election outcome.

Hillary's communications director said she lost because Trump gave a platform to white supremacists and nationalists, and another added that women voters were responsible due to internalized misogyny. Then, according to online reports, Bill Clinton played the race card (somebody had to), claiming she lost due to angry white men, which is somewhat reminiscent of Hillary repeatedly claiming there was a "vast right wing conspiracy" against her husband while he was president.

The Clintons have always portrayed themselves as victims, claiming they were dead broke when leaving the White House, but since have amassed a fortune estimated in excess of $111,000,000.

Hillary's basket of excuses overflows with hollow accusations and rationalizations.

If they can quit whining long enough to look in a mirror, it will reflect back a lack of trust, a devastating FBI investigation of her dangerous misuse of her private server, the scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation, four dead Americans in our Benghazi embassy while under her watch, email cover ups, and no clear statement of her policies and objectives as president, just the usual feel good platitudes. It is all best summed-up as "Clinton fatigue" and "voter concern" that she would just be Obama's third term of ineptitude, lack of conviction to lead the free world and conceding to terrorists like Isis and ruthless dictators like Bashar Assad of Syria.

The mirror of reality does not lie.

Steve Thompson Sr

South Elgin

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