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'Crazy For You' heads to the stage of Kaneland Harter Middle School in Sugar Grove

SUGAR GROVE – Bobby Child dreams to dance.

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Softball Notes: Saints' freshman pitchers make for a perfect pair

Madelyn Rouse relishes the responsibility of keeping the softball scorebook.

Girls Soccer: Kaneland's Gabrielle Faletto has the write stuff

A lede in journalism is the opening sentence’s introduction of a news story that attempts to tell what the story is about and ideally persuade the reader to continue reading.

Slices of Life Along the Fox: You've got mail

Back in the day, before email and social media became an easy way to communicate, we had the U.S. Postal Service and the telephone. Since the phone might require, heaven forbid, long-distance charges, my folks wrote letters to keep in touch with friends and family that lived outside our area code. There was nothing more exciting than a letter from Aunt Marnie, Mom’s sister who lived in Arkansas. Mom read it within minutes of the mailman’s arrival, then read it to all of us at dinner.

Take Action for Wellness: Empowering the community to prevent suicide, build resilience

Depression and suicide impact people no matter their status in life, so why aren’t we better educated on how to have conversations on these topics and seek the right help? So often, signs and cries for help go unrecognized or avoided. With education and willingness to shed stigmas, lives can be saved.

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